Thursday, July 16, 2009

How Filtering Browsing

As a medium that allows unlimited access, the Internet is not protected from the negative that can harm users. This needs to be addressed and in understanding wisely. Activities including browsing the Internet should be given attention. Supervision and without adequate understanding, someone who he can not quite lost in the wilderness site that is not worth see in , such as pornographic sites and sites that contain violence.

These are by various parties, including the producers of software, one microsoft. Microsoft insert a filter mechanism in the crawl for them to stamp content-specific content. Next steps - steps:
1. Click "Control Panel"> "Internet Options"> "content". Click the "enable", then select "approved site"
2. You can type the site's main site that you want to block in the column under the heading is "allow this website" and press the "never".

Microsoft has this mechanism in such ancient, so if you have children who are smart and we should not
concerned wiliness our children.

This mechanism can be done easily, with the explorers such as the second. In addition there is an opportunity filtering model will stop this activity you are roaming in total, in the queue you can not open all sites at all.

If you want to do content filtering in this serious, you can try some software that really in the allotment for it with the search for the search engine.

Basically, the best filter is a community of parents and children, where parents give the child understanding on matters worse both on the internet, and all the consequences that will be in the face when a child violates the agreement


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