Friday, July 10, 2009

Microsoft Office - How Alternative Opening Context Menu

During this time, to open the context menu, you must click the right mouse. In Microsoft Word, for example, you can select some text and click on the right. Context menu will appear with a variety of option in it to the needs of your document, such as copy, move, compress, and many more. What if when you edit the text and then suddenly your mouse is not responding? How do I create the context menu?

You can still open the context menu in other ways. There is no mouse cursor, you can use the keyboard. This little trick applies to all programs that exist in the Microsoft Office package. Use of alternative ways this can actually add a sense of comfort in the edit. Why? Typically, most people focus only when editing the buttons on the keyboard. Therefore, when you edit a document, try selecting some text that is in it. Then, without having to hold the mouse, you press the key combination [Shift] + [F10]. " See the results. You can select the option in the context menu by using the arrow keys up or down arrow. To agree, press "Enter". Easy is not it?

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