Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Optimize the BODY tag

Body tags are very important benefits dal am SEO. For that you need to really consider making this BODY tag.

1. Link: write the link in accordance with what the web page dituju. You may provide a link with long provided that truly represents the web page that dituju. The word "Click HERE" certainly less good than the "Psychology Re ¬ sources" for example, if you want to describe a world of psychology. URL. a beautiful course also more interesting than the URL of the rigid, in WordPress, you can Activate the URL with a beautiful change in the Options.

2. Content: As has been described Previously, create good content, and not do in the wild so that the indexing is considered spam. The text more understandable by search engines so you need to use berimprovisasi ¬ compared to the images.

3. Pictures: If you use images, give the value of the alt = "" URL of image is good, that really describes the picture. This is because search engines only rate based on size. resolution and the value of the alt.

4. Flash: If you do not need too, do not use flash animation because search engines can not index flash. So the links in the flash it is difficult to see by search engines.


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