Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Made Splash Screen

Splash screen was view that was seen by us the first time our time undertook an application. Splash screen this usually was put forward to reduce saturation user when the program still in the stage inizialization . To make splash screen this his method as follows:
1. Made previously form especially.
2. Added form that will be used as splash screen (from the File menu, chose New
Form). Give the name form this with Form Splash.
3. Add the Timer component (was located in tab Win32), gave the name with Main Timer. 4. Add the code along with in events on_time from this Timer component of :tm Main
Timer.Enabled := False;
5. From the Project menu, chose Options.
6. Move to tab Forms.
7. From the car part create forms will be seen two form. Choose Form that will be
used as splash screen and the clique of the switch “ > ” to move form splash
screen to the Available part forms.
8. If clicking OK.
9. Now from the View menu, chose Project Source. In the main program for


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