Thursday, June 25, 2009

Pain Points Article Template

This template is based on the concept of pain. More specifically, the pain your ideal customers may experience and the pain reliever you can provide. Two simple questions form the backbone of this template:

1. What are some PAIN points that your ideal customers experience?
2. What are some STRENGTHS/BENEFITS your company delivers to remove or prevent those pain points?

Let’s imagine you’re going to write an article using this template. The article is targeted at small business owners who are curious about article marketing. Some pain points you might consider addressing would be:

* Pain of losing a competitive advantage
* Pain of not having traffic
* Pain of not being recognized
* Pain of not knowing how to get your articles & message out to the market
* Pain of not wanting to screw up when trying the article marketing process
* Etc…

You’d want to pick only (1) pain point for each article. For this particular example, let’s say you pick the first one, “Pain of losing a competitive advantage.” With that in mind, you then identify the specific ingredients (strengths/benefits) of article marketing that would help relieve this particular pain. Some ingredients (strengths/benefits) might include:

* Worldwide exposure of your articles, and hence your products or services
* Scalable marketing
* Combined benefits of increased website traffic and improved credibility
* Zero up-front cash investment
* Highly targeted

The next step is to build your article around the pain point and the prescribed pain reliever ingredients. Each of the ingredients is explained in terms of how it can help alleviate the reader’s particular pain.

The article wraps up by summarizing how your suggested pain reliever has many of the ingredients necessary to cure your reader’s pain. Then of course your Resource Box gives them a link to obtaining your suggested pain reliever. In the case of this example, that link would probably be or perhaps to the EzineArticles home page.

In a nutshell, the Pain Points article template works like this:

1. Choose (1) pain point of your ideal customer.
2. In the first paragraph or two clearly describe the target niche and identify with their specific pain point.
3. The next paragraph introduces your particular brand of pain reliever and an overview of the ingredients (strengths/benefits) that pertain directly to the reader’s pain.
4. In the following paragraphs, these ingredients are explained in-depth in terms of how each can help alleviate the reader’s particular pain.
5. Before closing the article, be sure to give an example or two of how others have gotten relief from their pain by following this prescription.
6. The closing paragraphs pull all of the ingredients back together to reinforce your pain reliever as the right one.
7. Finally, it’s important that your Resource Box provides the reader access to your suggested solution for their pain.

At the risk of totally overdoing our medicine metaphor… this particular article template should be an easy pill to swallow. It’s targeted, fairly simple to understand and it shows empathy for your niche customers. Best of all, this one template can provide many, many articles. How many is only limited to the number of pain points you can identify.

Set a goal for yourself to write at least (5) articles this week using this template. Then leave a comment about what you discovered along the way.
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